A Record Producer is a form within ServiceNow used to create a data record. In most businesses there are paper forms used by departments to ask employees to provide information back to HR for things like direct deposit routing information, requesting access to a secured drive, or requesting a new piece of equipment.  There are many pre-built forms for obtaining data out-of-box in the latest versions and modules for HR, but you can also create custom forms to collect needed data.  These forms can eliminate the need to go back and forth obtaining data (via email for example).

One example may be a form (record producer) to create a new Supervisory Org in the HCM (Human Capital Management System). For example - what is the cost center, who is the manager, what company, region, country, and how many positions are in this organization?  The form will require all necessary information to enable proper configuration in the HCM without missing vital pieces of information. 

A frequent use case for Record Producers in the HR module is onboarding a new employee.  The form can be set up to obtain all information needed to create the new employee in your HCM system.  Cost Center, department, pay rate and supervisor information can all be collected.

What makes Dynamic Record Producers Unique?

Dynamic Record Producers for HR (applicable for all sides of the system) are unique because they allow you to show relevant fields needed by specific groups of employees dynamically, and eliminate other employees having to skip fields that are not applicable to their region or job.  The advantage of using Dynamic Record Producers creates an improved experience for employees, HR and anyone relying on this data to do their job. 

ServiceNow Record Producers can be dynamic in many ways.  One method is with the addition of Catalog UI policies to reduce the number of questions seen by your employees. Catalog UI policies can also display questions specific to a region or employee group.  For example, if you want to ask about Veteran Status, the options below can trigger an additional question to display, only if the person is a veteran, to requesting discharge/separation date.  


Using a Catalog UI action, if an option other than "Not a Veteran" is selected, a new question appears directly below after the response, as shown below. 


How do I set up a Catalog UI Policy?

What would a Catalog UI policy look like to enable this? The conditions on the policy would be set to show this field (Visible = True) if the Disabled Veteran, Veteran, or Vietnam-Era Veteran are True as in the Example Policy below.


What are some other uses for Dynamic Record Producers?

The I9 form (only applicable to US employees) is another excellent example.  Simple configuration to maximize the employee experience is our goal.  We can combine multiple conditions to hide and show different questions within any individual form.   

Workflows, or follow on actions, can also be driven by record producers. If a person is a veteran, a workflow can be created to send them an email thanking them for their service. 


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