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Big data, analytics, metrics and reporting are all popular HR Bingo buzzwords over the past decade. Unfortunately, most organizations haven’t fully realized the potential of leveraging Business Intelligence tools to help identify candidates, improve processes and ensure an optimized candidate experience.

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The Oracle Fluid Recruiting Opportunity

Relaunch Talent Without the Painful Implementation

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Podium Candidate Recruiting

Identifying Silver and Bronze Medalist Candidates via Taleo Reporting & Analytics

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Creating a Competitive Edge with Oracle Taleo Reporting & Analytics

Finding the right talent – and fast – is a challenge for any business.  The current job market and skill shortages require effective recruiters have as much information as possible before a recruiting cycle begins.  Companies are in a race with one another to fill vacancies, and to make matters more complex, your organization might already be trying to fill multiple of these positions at once. To top it all off, there is more hiring than ever in sectors such as healthcare, technology and finance, leading to a shortage of candidates with the right qualifications. 

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Source Tracking in Oracle Taleo

Keeping track of where your candidates are finding your job postings is extremely helpful. It not only tells you where you might find the most success posting similar openings but where to focus those precious recruiting dollars. Unfortunately, not all candidates even know where they saw your posting, or they simply don’t take enough time to answer the “Source” questions accurately.

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Leveraging ServiceNow Dynamic Record Producers

A Record Producer is a form within ServiceNow used to create a data record. In most businesses there are paper forms used by departments to ask employees to provide information back to HR. There are many pre-built forms for obtaining data and these forms can eliminate the need to go back and forth obtaining data.

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Sneak Peek – ThinkTalent’s 2018 OHUG Sessions

Stonybrook undertook an ambitious project to archive nearly all aspects of successful candidate’s application with the organization. This includes their application information, resumes/cover letters, documents agreed to during onboarding etc. The presentation will go through the process of determining what was needed to archive, what information was exported, lessons learned, and positive impacts that this has had with the business.

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Candidate Experience – First Impressions Matter

The first impression an organization makes on a potential applicant is critical to providing an exceptional candidate experience. The experience for the candidate starts with their first visit to your website and continues all the way through the onboarding process. Do your career site, job application, and onboarding (Transitions) processes accomplish the common goal of an appealing and informative experience? Many studies state “quick quits,” those in the first ninety days, are largely attributed to the selection and onboarding experiences.

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Simplify Healthcare Recruiting

Recruiting in a healthcare setting presents unique challenges. When faced with these situations, many Taleo users find that they can get the most out of their system and overcome these challenges by simplifying their process. And leveraging proven strategies for critical recruiting needs.

Below are some helpful tips and hints to mold Taleo to work to your advantage in the healthcare field.

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