The first impression an organization makes on a potential applicant is critical to providing an exceptional candidate experience. The experience for the candidate starts with their first visit to your website and continues all the way through the onboarding process. Do your career site, job application, and onboarding (Transitions) processes accomplish the common goal of an appealing and informative experience?  Many studies state “quick quits,” those in the first ninety days, are largely attributed to the selection and onboarding experiences.


Does your experience:

  • Convey a strong sense of who the organization is?

  • Articulate the organization’s purpose?

  • Reinforce the brand with every page?

  • Clearly communicate roles, benefits and expectations?

  • Provide a responsive and easy-to-use experience on all devices?


If you answered no to any of these, it may be time to give your candidate experience a facelift. Branding capabilities for Oracle Taleo clients, now known as Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC), have been greatly enhanced in the last 18 months and the increased functionality is a part of the product you already own.  Additional capabilities with the Sourcing tool allows you to present a polished and functional experience.


Updating your Taleo Branding File

A new or updated Career Section branding file is a quick and inexpensive way to instantly enhance the candidate experience.  Whether you’re using the Career Section as your primary career site and job search tool or only for the application and Onboarding flow, using a branding file that is responsive and reinforces your brand will make a big difference to your candidates.  


What are the benefits of a new branding file?

  • Mobile Responsiveness

    • This means you no longer need to create or maintain mobile career sections, mobile forms, or mobile application flows – drastically decreasing maintenance and testing efforts.

    • Onboarding can now be completed on a mobile device!

    • Applicants can search for jobs, complete a profile, apply for jobs, and complete onboarding tasks on any device – big or small – while enjoying the same great experience.

  • Brand Reinforcement

    • Reinforce your brand throughout the process of searching, applying, and onboarding by including custom images, colors, layouts, and content.

    • If you’re using the Taleo Career Section as your primary job search site, the look, feel, and branding experience are even more important.


How do I update my branding file?

Although Oracle does provide sample branding files on Customer Connect, you will still need someone familiar with Taleo, HTML, and CSS to create a custom branding file. Some organizations have the resources internally to perform the work, but most do not.  Using a partner like ThinkTalent who knows Taleo, Onboarding HTML, and CSS is a great way to get started. We are happy to provide a free initial consultation around your current branding approach and what may be possible.


Oracle Taleo Sourcing (formerly Taleo Social Sourcing / TSS)

Oracle Taleo Sourcing (OTS) is the solution if you’re looking to take your candidate experience to the next level with engaging content, advanced branding capabilities, employee referrals, mobile responsiveness, and SEO in a largely self-service tool.

For organizations that are using only a Taleo Career Section currently, OTS exponentially expands the capability by providing a site builder tool, site pages for engaging content such as -about us, diversity, recruiting events, support for multiple brands, multiple languages, and so much more.


Why Oracle Taleo Sourcing (OTS/TSS)?

Multiple Sites

OTS supports multiple sites with individual branding, jobs, experience, and content. For organizations with multiple brands, you can easily provide each with a unique look-and-feel using the site builder and content editor tools.


Site Pages

With the release of version 17, each site can contain many different site pages.  Site pages are a great way to display information, images, and other engaging content about your culture, benefits, diversity programs, locations, hiring events, etc.  Creating a new site page is quick and easy through the built-in content editor. Site pages can supplement your current career site or be a great starting place for organizations without a career site.


Advanced Branding

The advanced branding capabilities in OTS make the product truly stand out compared to other products or using only the Career Section. With the content editor, site builder, and color editor, customers can create a new site with a logo, organization colors, and basic content in a matter of a few hours.  

By using the advanced CSS and HTML section of site builder, the possibilities are almost endless regarding content, branding, and look-and-feel.


Mobile Responsive

OTS is built to be mobile responsive out of the box.  No matter the screen size or device, applicants will be able to browse your content, search and apply for jobs, and enjoy an engaging experience. The great thing about Sourcing (OTS) and branding is once set up, you can easily maintain and enhance the experience.


Ready to improve your experience?

ThinkTalent provides a no obligation Experience Review. We will do a quick assessment of your career section and provide feedback/recommendations. We’d love to hear from you, Contact us at or give us a ring at 952-934-6538 for more information.