Recruiting in a healthcare setting presents unique challenges. When faced with these situations, many Taleo users find that they can get the most out of their system and overcome these challenges by simplifying their process. And leveraging proven strategies for critical recruiting needs.

Below are some helpful tips and hints to mold Taleo to work to your advantage in the healthcare field.


1. Create a unique physician recruiting experience

Finding the perfect practitioner can be very different than recruiting for other areas of the business - so let them be unique.  The initial change to consider is to create an element in your OLF that isn’t shared with anyone else, but solely comprised of the practitioners. This could be part of the Organization or even practitioner specific Job Field elements.  Having these areas segmented will allow for contextualization throughout various areas of the system which will allow for a truly unique process benefitting practitioner recruiting – both the internal team and potential candidates.


2. Take a “business card” approach to your initial application

Make your initial application as easy as possible and gather only information necessary to proceed. Think of this route as gathering only details that would fit on a business card; name, contact details, and area of specialty. Having a Career Section tailored to physician/practitioner only opportunities is an integral part of the physician recruiting experience. We completely understand the need to have the full legal application, but you can have candidates complete it later in the hiring process. Some hospitals adopt this shortened application throughout the entire organization.


3. Utilize Ability, Certifications and Experience (ACE) questions

The most powerful and under-utilized aspect of the system is ACE prescreening. Leverage prescreening to enhance your conversations with the candidate and better manage your community of talent. While often thought of as a way to knock people out of the process, ACE questions are a fantastic tool for gathering data. Once you start capturing information about the candidates such as years of experience in a particular specialty or additional certifications/education, the data is then accessible to search within Advanced Search. This allows you to begin to build an amazing repository of individuals that you can quickly access the next time a need arises.


4. Optimize your Onboarding

Use onboarding to its fullest extent by improving the experience from offer extension to beyond their start date. Within this tool, you can incorporate the Advanced eOffer process allowing the new hires to view and accept offers electronically (see our blog on Advanced eOffer here). Also, by having the OLF separation for practitioners, you can create a unique Onboarding process. Take advantage of this opportunity to clearly define hiring manager expectations, explain the process and requirements of any required individual health assessment, badge details, union registration, or even capture data needed for credentialing applications.  While a good majority of these things happen outside of Taleo, you can have the new hire read and complete all of the necessary requirements – and then have the new hire indicate completion of each.  This not only allows for documentation in one system, but it is all reportable and exportable as well. Think of onboarding as a way to share data, collect key information and ensure compliance.


5. Utilize Dynamic Approval Routing (DAR)

Dynamic Approval Routing allows you to establish business rules based on level, organization or location to route requisitions and offers for approval. If you have a complicated approval process for requisitions or offers, take advantage of the functionality that comes with DAR to allow those necessary approvals to be routed consistently and automatically.  DAR is especially helpful for non-profit hospitals with unique requirements for approval.


Creating a hiring experience unique to healthcare practitioners is highly encouraged and easily enabled within Taleo Recruiting and Onboarding. Using tools such as DAR, Advanced Eoffer, and ACE questions will simplify your process and provide valuable insight when looking for candidates, new or existing. ThinkTalent is passionate about helping healthcare companies use Taleo to create a better hiring experience. Often the efficiencies created in practitioner hiring can be leveraged elsewhere to improve the experience for everyone – candidates, managers and recruiters. Contact us – we’d love to hear from you!