Taleo Health Check

ThinkTalent has started providing complimentary Taleo Health Checks to help provide benchmark recommendations for utilization of your talent acquisition technologies. This three part check will provide feedback on your Candidate Experience, Hiring Experience and Technology Utilization. This no obligation report can help provide recommendations and priorities for feature deployment, process optimization and ROI validation. You can drop us a note and we’ll get started on the candidate facing elements right away. The second step is a short interview to better understand your internal processes. We will provide a ‘Summary of Findings’ and include you as a part of the benchmark group to provide follow up metrics. Reach out for your checkup today!

Taleo Connect Broker (TCB) Retirement (12/31/23)

Taleo Connect Broker (TCB) is the Taleo hosted integration platform for those who don’t use the client hosted Taleo Connect Client (TCC) application. Reasons for initially selecting TCB might have ranged from lack of internal technical resources to security protocols. In any case, TCB will be retired at the end of the year which will require those clients to bring the integrations in-house (TCC) or contract with a third-party host. TCB clients are running out of time to adjust their integration strategy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help migrate your TCB integrations or assist in any way. Also of note, several CRM integrations are also supported by TCB for candidate statusing and Oracle has stated there will be no new deployments of the two way functionality. You can read more at My Oracle Support GCN-01589 – EOL Announcement.

Oracle Taleo Knowledge Exchange

With over 1,100 registered participants, this is the largest Taleo dedicated group on the planet! The Taleo Knowledge Exchange originally started in response to the rapid change happening with the Taleo Fluid migration and has continued to be the source for timely Taleo scoop. We are beginning to meet every other month and welcome you to join us for the latest news, tips and conversation regarding Oracle Taleo. The next session is scheduled for November 16th at noon CST. You can register for the session here: https://www.crowdcast.io/c/bc5q81wu64mw/byVXJ. Feel free to send in your questions or ideas so we can incorporate them into the session!

Data, Data, Data

Are you anticipating making changes to how you store your recruiting data or forms? Do you need to determine a data archive strategy? Don’t wait to have the conversation – reach out now to explore your options. There have been recent client situations where in excess of 10 million candidate records needed to be archived and the run time alone was magnitudes longer than they had accounted for. Don’t wait, let’s talk data strategy while you still have options.